Solidarity Programs

The Solidarity Programs of the Jonathan Daniels Center for Social Responsibility provide a framework for engagement, growth and delivery of content that honors the legacy and continues the work of Jonathan M. Daniels. These programs operate in unity and agreement with Jonathan’s values and actions in support of human rights and justice as well as with people, policies, organizations and other efforts that champion the same.

Using the important statement from the Center’s mission statement, “….provide opportunities to learn, reflect and be moved to action in support of human rights and social responsibility.”, these programs – Solidarity in Ideas, Solidarity in Art and Solidarity in Action – offer various points of access with a view to creating possibilities for personal and community initiative and accountability in the realm of social justice and equity.


Solidarity in Ideas – Learn
Through education programs in schools, public lectures, discussions, exhibits, book groups and the exploration of historical and contemporary resources, we learn and expand our ideas about social responsibility.


Solidarity in Art – Reflect
Through creative expression in its many forms and in collaboration with artists, we integrate and reflect on issues of social responsibility in a personally relevant way to deepen accountability for one another.


Solidarity in Action – Act
Through civic engagement from voting and supporting causes to protests and petitions, we discover ways to act with impact in our communities in support of social responsibility in policy and practice.